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A well-known and top detective agency in Delhi NCR and in India. Our skilled private detectives work on a variety of issues, including both personal and business investigations.

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Reputable Detective Agency in India and throughout the world

High-quality services are provided by Confidential Detectives both domestically and internationally. Miss Archana Kumari, the Managing Director, is an investigator of both personal and corporate matters in Delhi and Delhi NCR. We are aware of how important it can be to discover the truth in any personal situation, whether it involves a spouse, a family member, or anything else. We have over 20 years of devoted service under our belt, and we produce results you can rely on. With a track record of success and a team of young, qualified investigators, we are the go-to detective service in Delhi and the Delhi NCR, Mumbai, Chennai, Punjab, Bangalore, Maharashtra, Rajasthan, and the rest of India.

We successfully deal in personal and corporate services such as pre- and post-matrimonial, divorce cases, missing persons investigation, pre- and post-employment, due diligence investigation, background checks and many more. Our area of expertise is discreet and compassionate matrimonial investigations. Our knowledgeable staff is committed to offering concise responses to inquiries, utilizing cutting-edge methods to guarantee precision and dependability. Confidential Detectives is here to help you at every stage of the way, providing comfort and understanding when you need it most. Have faith in us to guide you toward the truth.

Why Consider Confidential Detectives as Your Trusted Detective Agency In Delhi?

We know that it’s not easy for anyone to trust someone with your private or corporate life but Choosing Confidential Detectives is like choosing a partner who upholds honesty, confidentiality, and professionalism. Our skilled team of detectives treats every case with the highest discretion and tact, and they have a track record of producing results, Whether it’s for private issues like adultery suspicions or business issues like internal theft, we provide specialized solutions supported by thorough evidence collection and professional testimony. You may rely on Confidential Detectives to properly and legally reveal the truth, giving you the clarity and calmness you deserve.


Why Choose Us?

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We know that it’s not easy for anyone to trust a complete stranger with their personal or corporate secrets and we understand that too. But know that choosing Confidential Detectives as your Private Investigator is like choosing a partner who upholds honesty, confidentiality, and professionalism. We guarantee that your privacy is protected and that your demands are handled with care and accuracy since we are dedicated to providing the best possible service in every area. Our team of seasoned detectives and years of experience allow us to handle complicated marital circumstances with precision and professionalism. We handle every case with accuracy, discretion, and honesty whether it is a personal problem like pre marital investigations, post marital investigations, divorce cases, backgrounds checks, or alimony disputes, or a business issues like pre employment cases, post employment cases, employee background checks, internal theft investigations, or due diligence questions, our customized approach guarantees that case gets the attention it deserves. We provide transparency and honesty first, paying attention to high ethical standards, and delivering dependable outcomes you can rely on. Discover the truth with Confidential Detectives and feel secure knowing that your case is in good hands.

Our Services

Personal Services

Pre Matrimonial Investigations offer comfort prior to union. Our knowledgeable detectives extensively screen each potential partner to guarantee openness and confidence. Join us and take the with you so you may marry with confidence.

Post Matrimonial Cases

After a divorce, Post Matrimonial Investigations offers closure and clarity. Confidential Detectives provides customers with peace of mind as they proceed by using our discreet services to unearth facts about asset allocation, post-divorce wrongdoing, and alimony compliance.

Divorce Cases

Divorce cases needs to be handled carefully. Confidential Detectives provides discrete Detective services to find evidence that is essential for asset division, child custody, and alimony cases. We ensure that your interests are carefully safeguarded at this difficult time by offering clarity and assistance via our experience, Professionalism, and secrecy. You may confidently handle your divorce processes with our help.

Loyalty Test

Loyalty Test

At Confidential Detectives, we carry out covert loyalty tests to verify your partner’s reliability. We offer clarity and comfort in regards to your connection with our discreet and professional approach. Put your faith in us to find the truth and provide you with the knowledge you require.

Extramarital Affairs

Extramarital Affairs

An affair outside of marriage can be disastrous. At Confidential Detectives, we provide discrete investigations to find the truth. Our considerate approach gives you the power to decide on your relationship with knowledge. You may rely on us to handle this difficult circumstance discreetly and professionally.

Litigation Support

Litigation Support

To strengthen legal cases, Confidential Detectives offers extensive litigation assistance services. Evidence collection, expert witness testimony, and needs-specific strategy advice are our team’s areas of expertise. Put your confidence in us to fortify your legal strategy and confidently handle any lawsuit issues with our professionalism and secrecy

Surveillance Detectives

Surveillance Detectives

Surveillance Detectives use cutting-edge equipment and tactful observation to secretly collect important data. They monitor people and places with painstaking attention to detail, offering useful intelligence to successfully support investigations.

Corporate Services

Income Proof

Income Proof

At Confidential Detectives, we are experts at securing precise income documentation, which is essential for court situations involving child support or alimony disputes. We get financial records and supporting paperwork ethically so that our customers’ claims are successfully backed up. Our methodical approach guarantees that the evidence we provide is convincing and acceptable in court, bolstering our clients’ changes of success. You may rely on us to fulfill your income proof requirements with accuracy and professionalism.

Obtaining Proof & Evidence

Obtaining Proof & Evidence

For your piece of mind, we at Confidential Detectives are experts in gathering convincing and unambiguous proof. Our knowledge investigators use state-of-the-art methods to get indisputable evidence, giving you the knowledge you need to make wise judgements. Count on us to dig up the truth with accuracy and morality.

Pre Employment Verification

Pre Employment Verification

For recruiting decisions to be made with confidence, pre employment verification is essential. Our all-inclusive services guarantee that candidates’ credentials, backgrounds, and experiences meet your requirements, reducing risks and preserving the reputation of your company. Your may employ with confidence knowing that Confidential Detectives will provide accurate and trustworthy verification.

Post Employment Verification

Post Employment Verification

Verification of employment after hire guarantees the dependability of your staff. At Confidential Detectives, we carry out exhaustive investigations to verify the credentials and background data of our employees. Put your trust in us to keep your team’s integrity intact and to reduces hazards.

Due Diligence Investigation

Due Diligence Investigation

Before making crucial decisions, people and corporations may benefit from the comprehensive due diligence investigations carried out by Confidential Detectives. Our methodical approach identifies possible dangers and weak points so you may go forward with assurance and make wise decisions.

Employee Theft

Employ Theft

Businesses are seriously threatened by employee theft. At Confidential Detectives, we are experts in locating theft cases and use cutting-edge techniques to collect evidence covertly. Our mission is to assist companies in protecting their assets and upholding a safe workplace. You may rely on us to find the truth and successfully reduce the chance of employee theft.

Asset Verification

Asset Verification

At Confidential Detectives, we specialize in providing services for asset verification that are customized to meet your needs. Our discreet and skilled investigations provide insightful information on financial assets, whether for personal or corporate purposes, guaranteeing openness and well-informed decision-making. You may rely on us to generate reports that are easy to understand and bring comfort in even the most difficult situations.


Miss Archana Kumari

—The Owner of Confidential Detectives

Welcome to Confidential Detectives. I’m Miss Archana Kumari, the Owner of Confidential Detectives and as the owner, I extend a warm welcome to you. Our organization provides a ray of truth and faith in an uncertain world. We offers steadfast assistance and knowledge whether you’re juggling personal issues or defending business interests. We treat your problems with care and confidentially since we have a committed staff and we don’t compromise on discretion. Put your trust in us to unearth the truth, one tactful step at a time, by navigating through complications. For clarity, assurance, and peace of mind in all your investigation endeavors, go with Confidential Detectives.

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